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Sevin grew up in California between the ocean and the desert. The contrast of those two landscapes has always taken shape within them, constructing a duality in their gender expression and art forms. Sevin has had an array of exhibitions in Oakland, CA and Portland, OR.

As someone who didn’t choose the path of institutional education, they thrusted themself into the world as an apprentice of life, using their personal experiences to fuel their photography. While 35mm film is their main passion, Sevin also explores set design, creative directing, fashion, music, video, painting and writing.


I seek to investigate the human condition with uncorrupted preconceived notions and awe. By building candid relationships with beings within subcultures I’m drawn to, the opportunity to capture raw and vulnerable moments and expressions presents itself to me. I’ve always been drawn to the queer, the invisible, those who cannot help but continuously purge themselves through self expression and creativity, regardless of societies lack of applaud. I set my focus on the historically unrepresented communities that at this turn of the century are starting to transform into something so supremely beautiful and loud. I strive to create a safe and experimental container for my family of brown, queer, trans and truth seeking folx to playfully explore themselves, allow their bodies and faces to take shapes they are unfamiliar with, heal, showcase their passions, move through traumas, and open themselves up to the flowing moment in time. Stories of addiction, loss, intense callings, existentialism, gender expression and embracing community are at the forefront of my process. I choose to not edit or re-touch my photographs because I’m committed to letting the film be itself, with all of its grit and imperfections.